How CBD For Pets Is Growing Globally & Why

How CBD for Pets is Growing Globally

CBD is already a game-changer for manufacturers of dietary supplements, beauty products, beverages, foods, and medicinal products. Now it stands to change the landscape of the pet care industry across the globe.

We love our pets and spend staggering amounts of money taking care of their needs. Leading industry reports expect the global pet care market to reach $202.6 billion by 2025, with the United States holding the largest market share, estimated at $131.7 billion in 2016.

Reports centred around the CBD pet markets estimate that pet and animal products sales will reach $125 million by 2022. These figures represent a five-year compound annual growth rate of 57%, making the pet sector one of the fastest-growing in the CBD market.

These impressive figures underscore the fact that CBD is not a passing fad. A growing number of pet owners embrace CBD oil as the go-to food supplement for dogs, cats, and other pets.

There Has Never Been A Multi-Vitamin Market For Pet Wellness

CBD Is The First For Pets

Functional food and wellness for humans has been around for decades but we are just seeing our fellow Homeo sapians benefiting from the same wellness concept and CBD for pets is leading the way globally.

The UK CBD Market

The CBD market has been growing steadily in the United Kingdom, with the past few years seeing unprecedented growth. The UK currently has the largest CBD consumer market in Europe, worth around £400 million, which is expected to reach £1 billion by 2025.

A recent survey conducted in 2020 found that over 1 million British people bought CBD products due to their therapeutic health benefits. Compared to 2019, the CBD industry’s revenue has grown by an incredible 50%.

Clearly, CBD is enjoying incredible growth in the UK and globally as people begin to learn more about this safe and non-psychoactive method to benefit from hemp’s therapeutic properties.

CBD is a veterinary medicine in the UK

The CBD market for pets in the United States and the United Kingdom is markedly different. In the United States, veterinarians may only prescribe human drugs for pets suffering from severe and life-threatening conditions, according to the Animal Medicinal Drug Use Clarification Act of 1994.

In contrast, in the UK, the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD), the government body that regulates the manufacture, sale, and use of veterinary medicines, has declared that CBD should be included in the list of approved drugs for use in veterinary species.

In other words, government level regulators have seen and acknowledged the potential of CBD to support and optimise animal wellness. They believe that the numerous health benefits of CBD far outweigh any potential risks.

As a veterinary medicine, the government sees value in CBD and represents growing acceptance and understanding of this hemp-derived compound.

Vets In The UK Are Prescribing CBD For Ill Pets

Now It's The Pre-Illness Option

The market growth across the US shows that people are not only turning to CBD for Pets they are using it long-term with great results. While CBD in the UK currently needs to be prescribed by a vet more and more people are sourcing it from the high street for their pets.

How to choose the best CBD products

Although the CBD industry is a relative newcomer to the UK market, consumers can already choose from a vast range of CBD oils and other lines. As the industry evolves and becomes more widely accepted, the floodgates open to misleading and inferior products.

The presence of CBD on shelves and online is a welcome site but can present challenges to the consumer as they search for suitable, high-quality products.

Here are some simple guidelines to help you find an appropriate CBD product for your pet:

  • Use a reputable company: Choose a company that values credibility and transparency. At Purity Hemp Company, all our superior quality products have undergone rigorous testing by third-party, independent quality control analysts. We proudly display these results on our product pages. We’ve also received certification from the Banned Substance Control Group (BSCG), guaranteeing that our broad-spectrum CBD oil is 100% THC free.
  • Examine the Certificate of Analysis (COA): A reputable business should provide information from an accredited laboratory showing an analysis of the CBD product. The COA indicates the various quantities of cannabinoids in the CBD and the quality and purity. As a consumer, the COA confirms the strength of the product that you’re paying for.
  • Read the label: It’s essential to understand the type of CBD offered. The best CBD is full-spectrum because it contains a natural mixture of the therapeutic cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. Look for organic CBD that’s free from impurities. At Purity Hemp Company, our products are completely traceable from seed to shelf. We only use the best organic French hemp seeds, bursting with therapeutic cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.
  • Ask your vet: Your vet can recommend a suitable CBD product for your pet. They can also suggest an appropriate starting dose depending on your pet’s health issues.
The Path To Purity For Pets

Natures Answer

Quality assured and guaranteed for your pet.  All our products are third party tested and certified 100% THC free using only the natural and pure elements of the hemp plant to care for your pet.

What’s next

Public opinion surrounding CBD and hemp products is positive. Worldwide ruling bodies are beginning to re-examine the laws surrounding cannabis and beginning to reconsider them.

This added attention, combined with further studies into the potential of CBD and hemp products for pets, means that many veterinarians now recommend CBD oils for pets with certain health conditions. The popularity of CBD is a growing trend rooted in science that is set to accelerate further in the coming years.

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